Our Breeding Dogs (our family)

Here is the information on our breeding dogs. 


Here is the information on our breeding dogs. 

Our dogs live with us as treasured members of our family.

There is a mixture of our dogs (Kingswear) and our parent’s kennel (Arundell) dogs.

We may pair between these depending on what lines we are creating or what we need for the show ring. Occasionally, we use external studs. 

At the moment, we usually have 2 litters a year. 



- D.O.B: 21/2/20
- Black & Tan
- Medium build, 8.45kg
- View pedigree here

Viola is a cheeky girl who likes nothing better than settling herself in under the doona cover on the bed. If she goes missing, the first place to look is the dog-shaped lump of blanket. Shes quite sleepy but won't miss you leaving the room. She wants to know exactly where you are, even in the loo!


- D.O.B: 25/9/20
- Black & Tan
- Medium build, 8.83
- View pedigree here.

Clancy is a beautiful girl who is very close to The Standard. We love Clancy's colouring - all completely a deep shade of Ruby red and no mis marks or white. She is quite confident and outgoing and gets over-excited about cuddles. She loves her daily groom.



- D.O.B: 21/5/21
- Black & Tan
- Large build, 10.14
- View pedigree TBC
- Available to stud: No

Bluey is a stunning boy who like nothing more than cuddles. He's quite a charmer with a keen sense. He is forever following after the girls! His instinct is bang on - he often knows a girl is coming into heat before we do. He is going to turn out as a larger build so at the moment is quite clunky, making him extra adorable! We can't put Bluey with any of our girls an kept him for the show ring.



- D.O.B: 21/5/21
- Black & Tan
- Large build, 8.5kg
- View pedigree TBC

Pinky is such a sweet little girl. She comes across quite humble. When you pick her up she automatically puts her nose under your chin. Somewhere along the way she worked out that she loves a nose scratch! Her favourite thing is cuddles. Her coat is silky smooth and starting to get some real length to it. She is the perfect companion. Confident but quiet.



- D.O.B: 21/2/22
- Black & Tan
- Medium build, 8.5kg
- View pedigree TBC

Daisy has too much energy! We think she may have doggy ADHD! She is the sister to Bluey and Pinky. She loves licking your face to death without warning and without an end in sight! She gets over excited about cuddles no matter how many she gets!



- D.O.B: 19/10/20
- Black & Tan
- Small build, 6.83
- View pedigree here

Buckley is a girl we kept to explore smaller lines. She is quite a small girl weighing in at under 7kg. Her coat is starting to develop properly now that she has had a litter. She has no mis-marks and is completely Black and Tan all over. She loves nothing more than a cuddle although we have never been able to train the jumping out of her! She is quite a little monkey and will climb anything but a brick wall! Remarkable and beautiful nature.