About Us

Kingswear Cavaliers

Kingswear Cavaliers is a second generation registered breeder of quality Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, based in Geelong, Victoria (Australia).

We specialize in the two complete colours Black & Tan, and Ruby.


We are Registered Breeders with


  • ANKC / Dogs Australia
  • The Cavalier Club of Victoria


We are second generation registered breeders; meaning that our parents were registered with ANKC / Dogs Australia a couple of decades before we were! (our parent’s kennel name is Arundell Cavaliers).


We have followed in their footsteps and have dedicated our lives to bettering this beautiful breed hence our reputation for producing beautiful, healthy pups.


We grew up and spent our childhoods, showing and breeding Cavaliers. This wonderful breed is a part of our DNA.


As registered breeders, we can do our part to eradicate illness from Cavalier genes by being selective about breeding dogs, lab testing DNA for illness and disease, and health test by specialist canine veterinarians (Ophthalmologists and Cardiologists). 


By carefully pairing choice dogs who are near perfect in health, temperament, and conformation, we can continue our never-ending pursuit to create the perfect Cavalier! 


Our love and passion for Cavaliers

Our motto is 'love every day you live with your Cavalier' because it is the greatest privilege to work alongside this breed.


Best of all, the first time you lock eyes with your Cavalier, they steal a piece of your heart and run away with it.

There is an understanding amongst owners of Cavaliers; they own you; you don’t own them!


Cavaliers primarily want companionship and nothing else. Their greatest strength can be their greatest weakness in the wrong hands.

To this extent, you must provide the right environment for this breed to thrive, as anything else can be cruel.

We prefer to send our dogs to homes where there is another dog or where someone is always home.

Cavaliers will be your constant companion on the couch, in bed, and we can guarantee you’ll never use the loo alone again! 


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We have spent years carefully writing the information for this website so please feel free to have a look around.


Hopefully we have answered your burning questions. 


However, if you feel you have a specific query or are interested in adding a Kingswear Cavalier to your family, please fill out the application form or get in touch on our 'contact us' page.