Cavalier Breeders Geelong

Cavalier Breeder Geelong

We are Cavalier breeders based in Geelong. Geelong is a city in Victoria, Australia.

We have sent Cavaliers all around Australia - but there's something nice about having a local breeder. We have many homes from Torquay through to Werribee contact us for a Cavalier.

Our parent's have a kennel called Arundell - you can usually spot a local Cavalier who is an Arundell dog as they have a distinct look.

Geelong is the perfect city for us as breeders as we have all of the benefits of being a large city, but combined with the space of the countryside. This allows our dogs to run on our acreage and develop a great sense of fun and play.

Cavaliers and the beach

Cavaliers historically love the beach. You generally need to introduce your Cavalier to the water from a young age, but if done correctly, they love a swim.

We get many families and homes in Torquay, Anglesea and Bells Beach contacting us for a Cavalier. Many homes have successfully have a Cavalier live near the beach and go for daily walks on the shore.

There are many benefits of salt water for dogs - but with Cavaliers you do have to watch the ears. The ears can easily trap moisture in them and then become infected within a matter of days. It's best to dry out the ears right after they've been swimming. You will find that the salt helps with this too.

If you're going swimming at the beach with your Cavalier we recomend starting with a long lead. A retractable one would be fine. Of course when the tide is low and calm too, is best. You don't want your dog being washed out! You have to be careful - but if managed correctly, you'll have a great time at the beach with your dog.

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